Diddy is the commencement speaker for Howard University’s graduation

what's school without walls' reputation in dc?

What a great question, I’m actually an alumnus of Walls so I have my own view, but in terms of Washington DC as a whole, I would say overall the academic reputation is very strong. DCPS is not known to be the best school system within the country, thus Walls stands out amongst the rest of the public schools within the city. Of course there will always be some rivalry with Banneker, but as of this year the Washington Post ranks Walls as the top public high school in the city and 103rd nationally. When it comes to other areas of the school, there is some negative feedback on Walls merging with Francis-Stevens, which means that  Walls would be Pre-K through 12th grade. And a lot of parents, students, and teachers are not happy about this move. So hopefully something will be done to ease that situation. Overall Walls is a great college prep high school that offers as much as a private school education as one can get within DCPS. 

Wait the metro isn't up at all?

The Metro is running as usual, it’s just that due to the Cherry Blossom Festival there was no track work on weekends for a month, but now that the festival is over, Metro is resuming it’s usual track work on weekends, which can cause delays. 

Metro’s weekend track work will resume this weekend since the Cherry Blossom Festival is over


My face when I walked outside this morning and saw the down pour of rain

Today is opening day for the Nationals

What reputation does American University have around DC?

You don’t hear much about American compared to the other universities, it’s tucked away in NW DC and I think people tend to forget that it’s there sometimes. However, it does have a great film program and a lot of students who are interested in politics seem to come from there. 

The Air & Space Museum is finally getting new artifacts thanks to a big donation

Muriel Bowser won the democratic primary for mayor

DeSean Jackson signed a contract with the Redskins

Today is Election Day, don’t forget to go out and vote for the next D.C. Mayor!


The Candidates

Jack Evans

D.C. Council member (Ward 2), Georgetown

Andy Shallal 

Restaurateur (Bus Boys & Poets), Adams Morgan

Reta Jo Lewis

Former State Department official, Mount Vernon Square

Vincent B. Orange 

D.C. Council member (At Large), Michigan Park

Muriel E. Bowser 

D.C. Council member (Ward 4), Riggs Park

Vincent C. Gray

Mayor, Hillcrest

Carlos Allen 

Businessman and musician, Mount Pleasant

Tommy Wells

D.C. Council member (Ward 6), Capitol Hill

D.C. finally has another Trader Joe’s, located near U Street

Apparently CenterCityDC is going to be like Rodeo Drive


In case you don’t know what this development is: Link

The Washington Monument reopens May 12th

Starting March 22nd Metro is taking a four week break from weekend track work


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